1- Leg curvature (0 legs):
It is a condition that generally bothers women. Because the trousers to be chosen are not narrow and the skirts are used long, this situation is tried to be hidden. I guess the summer season is not enjoyable for those who care about choosing clothes.
A solution is found with leg aesthetics . You can get rid of this problem in the leg by using your own fat tissue with the fat injection applied to the inner part of the leg with local or general anesthesia through best skin specialist in Islamabad. If you think that the fat is taken from the waist or abdomen, it is like a gift besides slimming. Some prostheses containing silicone are also used to solve this problem. But I do not recommend them much. Because these procedures are not more successful than fat injection according to my experience and impressions.
2-Lubrication in the leg:
It’s like walking with a pillow between two legs. Also, the irritation caused by the friction of the legs while walking is the excruciating part of this situation. Those who have this problem are not good at all with skirts. They get rid of boredom by covering these pillows with trouser fabric. But there is also a visual problem. It is necessary to cover it with a long shirt. Here is a restraint again. I think the groin area should be the most irritating area for overweight people. Oddly enough, sometimes people with normal weight can also have fat in this area. It is related to previous weight gain and loss and genetic makeup. Inner leg fat is sometimes accompanied by inner knees. Both areas can be operated at the same time.
If the elasticity of the skin is good, removing fat from that area with a special liposuction method makes the person very comfortable. It can be performed under general or local anesthesia. A corset should be worn for 1 month afterwards. In the meantime, strengthening the inner leg muscles with walking and leg exercises further increases the success of the results.
3-Inner leg sagging:
The most common causes are weight loss and aging. It causes problems similar to inner leg fat. It is evaluated according to the rate of lubrication and sagging.
If the sagging rate is not high, a scar will be left on the panties line and the excess skin is removed. If the sagging is excessive, sometimes the upper leg skin extending into the knee should be removed. It is inevitable to form a vertical line between the legs. It would not be difficult for many to accept this line in order to get rid of the torment I described above. After all, the freedom to dress with leg aesthetics is the gift of the job.
4-Thick lower leg:
Lower leg thickness is mostly genetic. First of all, the presence of vascular diseases that cause circulation problems such as varicose veins should be investigated.
If the thickness is due to fat, the legs can be thinned a little by removing fat from the calf area with a special technique. Afterwards, a corset is required for 1 month. It helps to get rid of edema in a short time by starting lymph drainage massages after 3 weeks. Walking, which is beneficial for the whole body, is also effective in reducing edema by accelerating circulation.

Arm Aesthetics

Aesthetic Problems and Solutions in Arm:

1- Lubrication on the arm:

It is generally considered to be associated with weight. But not every overweight has a thick arm. Familial inheritance is more associated with this condition. Often, arm thickness is accompanied by breast size. Those who have this problem have a special tailor. They have their shirts and jackets sewed by their tailors. Although they lose weight, weight loss is less from those areas.


It is possible to get rid of tailors with a special liposuction method to be applied to the arm area . Arm aesthetic procedure takes 30 minutes. A special arm corset is worn for 3 weeks. Then you can get the shirt you want. If you have a breast size problem, you will also have a breast reduction procedure for this . Be prepared to accept congratulations from the environment as you will appear to have lost weight then.

 2- Sagging in the arm:

It is a condition that occurs due to frequent weight gain or loss or due to advancing age. You have to say goodbye to hanging clothes. I have even come across those who restrict their movements to ensure that the arm does not swing. Although arm sports have some benefit, they are mostly insufficient.


If there is more sagging than fat in the arm, some skin should be removed with arm aesthetic surgery . This skin is removed in the form of a spindle or fish. In the back of the arm, there is a scar in the form of a line that is not visible from the front and the side. While this line was pink at first, over time the whites become less disturbing. In addition to the pleasure of clothing and freedom of movement, this line is very insignificant.